WOLVES INSIDE ME is a map-making game for werewolves. i have been playing it for as long as i've been a werewolf.

this is a story about rage and hiding and being monstrous and touching the beating heart of the city and screaming with it. it is a love story to a traumatizing part of my life. please read the content warnings below before you read this game, i mean it.

this game is 41 pages of layout, image and text and was written and created in about seven days for the TRANS FUCKING RAGE JAM, a multimedia jam i'm hosting right now. join here, and spread the word here!

this work contains adult content and is 18+.

this is an antifascist work of trans lit. if you're not down with that, fuck off.

content warnings

police violence, ptsd, (werewolf) sex, trans death, transmisogyny, violence


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